Specialist mortgages

Arranging specialist finance for unusual properties and situations is where we can really help. We offer competitive rates for bridging finance if you are buying a property before a previous one has sold. We can also arrange mortgages in a foreign currency or using income from abroad.

Mortgages for building projects, commercial properties or properties with short remaining lease terms also tend to fall outside of the normal lending remit of high street banks; our relationships with private banks and specialist lenders mean that we can find you a solution for most specialist lending needs. We can also arrange cross charging so if you have other assets you want to secure your borrowing against, please do call and discuss your options with one of our specialist mortgage brokers.

  • Bridging Finance
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Development Finance
  • Self-Build Mortgages
  • Right to Buy Mortgages
  • Shared Ownership Mortgages
  • Short Lease Mortgages
  • Offshore Mortgages
  • Overseas Mortgages
  • Foreign Currency Mortgages
  • Foreign National Mortgages
  • Ex Pat Mortgages